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Zachary Proper Pleads Guilty To Murder

The 14 boy will spend at least the next 35 years in jail for the murder of his grandparents.
January 8, 2014- Zachary Proper is 14 years old today. If he serves the minimum sentence given him for the murder of his grandparents by Venango County Judge Oliver Lobaugh, he could be out of prison by the time he turns 50.

That is the future for the teenager who has admitted killing his elderly grandparents at their Sandycreek Township home in October of 2012.

Proper has admitted to police he shot George and Dorothy Fross at close range with George Fross' pistol.

Jury selection for the young man began on Monday, trial was scheduled to begin January 13. In what some would say was a surprise move the defense entered the guilty plea on Wednesday.  The two counts of third degree murder carry a minimum of 17 1/2 years on each count for a total of 35 years to be served consecutively. The maximum sentence would be 80 years.

If the case had gone to trial a life sentence was possible. 
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