Day at the Beach 6/07/13

June 7th, 2013

The UPMC Sunset Music Series kicks off June 12th.
Jessica Starr has your preview in this week's Day At The Beach.

Beach one is about to come alive for this year's UPMC Sunset Music Series.

Bethany said: "It's nice to enjoy the park in an atmosphere where you don't have to pay and be able to park and listen to music for free and enjoy Presque Isle."

As in years past, crowds will gather for 6 concerts held Wednesday nights from June 12th through July 17th.

"This is the 6th year of the series, so every year we try to diversify the bands a little and make the experience better for everyone."

Kerri Barron, Presque Isle Partnership, said: "Lucky dog will play the 1st week. On the 2nd and 3rd weeks we have tribute bands. "Jersey", a Bruce Springsteen tribute band, will play on week two, and week 3 is "Big Eyes Phish," a Dave Matthews tribute band.

Kerri, "We have Ruby Port and the Sam Hyman Band, which are two local favorites, as well."

Garland Nelson and Soul Session will play week 5, and the concert series wraps up with Stiletto and Tennessee Back Porch.

"There's also concessions. We'll be serving chips, hot dogs and drinks, and it's a great cheap meal for families."

Jessica Starr said: "And if music isn't enough for you, and you're craving more, there are also contests and giveaways to keep you entertained."

"There's music for the whole family, but there's also free hula hoop lessons every week and those are enjoyable for everyone."

And you can cap off your experience with the "Presque Isle Drive Off Into the Sunset" giveaway, each week a 200 dollar gas card will be raffled off.

For Day At The Beach, I'm Jessica Starr.

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