One of the most highly anticipated debates in the country is now just hours away.

Some voters will hear for the first time where Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz stand on the issues. Both face off on stage for the first and last time with Election Day right around the corner.

“My guess is that we’re likely to see two candidates putting on their very best face, trying to impress the Pennsylvania people that they are the person to represent the state,” said Joe Morris, political analyst.

Locally, the party chairman said each candidate has different objectives going into the debate. The Democratic chairman said Fetterman needs to be concise to combat the rumors of his stroke, while the Republican chairman said Oz will need to stay true to his campaign.

“I think he just needs to be firm and concise and focused and his resolve will show through all that. I think everybody recognizes that he’s made tremendous progress,” said Jim Wertz, Erie Democratic Party Chairman.

“I think Oz is going to say nothing more than what he’s been saying his entire campaign. He is going to be very honest about where he thinks we should go,” said Tom Eddy, Erie Republican Party Chairman.

Both sides of the aisle expect a response to various topics such as inflation and crime.

“I think inflation will be a big topic, and I think Fetterman’s got a great background and a great response, having been a caretaker for a community like Braddock,” said Wertz.

“I think inflation and I think obviously energy production is extremely important. The borders. Pennsylvania is one of the leading states with regard to unfortunate fentanyl deaths. That’s coming across our open southern border, and Oz wants to close that down,” said Eddy.