(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — Dr. Oz’s team reached out to us Friday with comments about Fetterman’s return to the campaign trail, and to announce that he has proposed five debate dates to Fetterman’s team.

“The real issue in this campaign I think is important for democracy is; you’re candidates have to be out talking to people, not just to hear their issues but to respond with their own policy ideas. To deal with reporters like you and others, you have the right to ask us the tough questions to see where we stand on the issues,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, R, Pennsylvania candidate for U.S. Senate.

“These are questions about policy so he outta answer them. I’m hoping to have him back on the trail because I’ll tell you, it is sometimes difficult to dance by yourself. It’s a lot more fun when you’ve got someone else out there who’s saying something that voters can be educated from, and therefore pick which of the two candidates is better and reflective of their values,” Dr. Oz added.