Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz met with area farmers Tuesday morning in North East to discuss challenges of agriculture in Erie County.

Regional farmers voiced their concerns about the agriculture industry to candidate Dr. Oz. The discussion took place at a farm and winery in North East.

Produce and livestock farmers say they feel it’s important for legislators to understand how much the agriculture industry impacts the commonwealth and the nation.

Dr. Oz agreed it’s important to understand the challenges farmers face and their contributions.

“My dad grew up as a farmer, so I understand farmer issues and I respect what it means to put everything at risk for the cyclical nature of the industry. I’m traveling the entire commonwealth looking for the best ideas out there. I think we’re stronger if we pick the best from the left, the right and the middle, and put them together, and come up with ideas that make our commonwealth special,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, R, U.S. Senate candidate.

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