Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz made a stop to Erie on Tuesday night.

Dr. Oz made a stop at Eight Great Tuesdays while meeting with potential voters.

We were able to catch up with Dr. Oz.

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Oz made his fifth campaign stop in Erie on Tuesday.

“Friends in Erie recommend that I come by and visit to have a good time, and I also wanted to see Governor Ridge who is recovering very nicely. I visited the offices of the republican party here and I just campaign,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, (R), U.S. Senate Candidate.

According to recent polls the democrat U.S. Senate Candidate and Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman is leading the way ahead of Oz in the race.

“Until the republican party gets passed the primary and starts to unify behind me, we will be behind. It doesn’t bother me. What will happen is the republican party will coalesce, the democratic party will coalesce behind Fetterman and we will be neck and neck going down to the wire,” said Dr. Oz.

While some people said that it was great to see Dr. Oz, other people are still skeptical about his living situation.

“He’s not part of Pennsylvania. He is not a Pennsylvanian, you know not born and raised here or been here for a long time,” said Mark Greenawalt, Erie Resident.

“Pennsylvanians are smart enough to know that they don’t care where you are, they care what you stand for, and I’m proudly Pennsylvania. I grew up outside of Philadelphia. I had two daughters in Pennsylvania. I went to medical business school. We moved back a few years ago,” said Dr. Oz.

Other people are saying that the living situation does not bother them.

“I don’t care if he’s staying with his mother-in-law or not, he’s going to look out for the interest in Pennsylvania and I just think he’s the best candidate going,” said Greg Burrows, Erie Resident.

According to the Oz campaign, Dr. Oz and his wife are renting a house owned by relatives while their own home in Bryn Athyn is undergoing renovation.

“It has nothing to do with it. I think you govern and if you govern with proper authority and proper integrity and he’s got it all,” said Richard Rahner, Erie Resident.

Even though Dr. Oz has made the trip to Erie several times, some people are wondering when Fetterman will come into town.

“I know he had a stroke so hopefully he gets on his feet and gets around because I would like to see both of them show they are interested in making Erie a better place, and getting the Erie voters to vote based on what they believe and not just one guy or the other guy show up,” said Karl Benacci, Erie Resident.

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The next stop for Dr. Oz during his campaign trail will be in Philadelphia.

According to the Chairman for the Erie County Democratic Party Jim Wertz, we can expect to see Fetterman as soon as next week possibly.