Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Dr. Mehmet Oz met with area farmers on Tuesday.

Dr. Oz was there to discuss some of the challenges that the agricultural community is facing.

Regional farmers met with Dr. Oz in North East. They said that it’s important for elected officials to reach out to the community.

Dozens of regional farmers are voicing their concerns about the agriculture industry to Dr. Oz.

The group gathered at Arrowhead Winery in North East.

Dr. Oz said that it is important to understand the challenges that the farmers are facing, as well as their contributions.

“My dad grew up as a farmer, so I understand farmer issues and I respect what it means to put everything at risk or the cyclical nature of the industry. I’m traveling the entire commonwealth looking for the best ideas out there. I think we’re stronger if we pick up from the left, the right, and the middle together and come up with ideas that make our commonwealth special,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, (R), U.S. Senate Candidate.

Oz explained some of the issues he discovered with farmers and small business owners.

“The diesel fuel prices have tripled it seems which is an impossible extra expense they didn’t take into account. They also don’t have enough fertilizer. You need nitrates for rich fertilizer,” said Dr. Oz.

One leader from the Erie County Farm Bureau Center said that it’s important for elected officials to understand the needs of the agricultural community.

“We have fruit and vegetable growers. We have row crop farmers. We have animal production. We have dairy. All of those things reside right here in Erie County. We’re in a really special opportunity to be able to connect our legislators with all of those facets of agriculture,” said Brian Young, Vice President of Erie Co Farm Bureau.

Local produce and live stock farmers said that they feel it is important for legislators to understand the impact the agricultural industry has on the commonwealth.

Several farmers said that ideally elected officials use feedback to create policies and regulations that support the industry.

“We believe in what we do. Dr. Oz came here today to try and understand our problems so we can help him deal with positive change,” said Edlyn Muir, Farmer.

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Dr. Oz said that he plans to travel the commonwealth and meet with constituents so he can potentially be a voice for them in the senate.