Erie, Pennsylvania (WJET/WFXP/ — Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Dr. Mehmet Oz is taking a tour along Parade Street Thursday to learn about the different ways investments can be made into the Erie community for the Parade Street Project.

Parade Street is seen as the entry point into minority communities and Dr. Oz’s visit today is informing him about what can be done to make this area a more prominent place in Erie.

Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Dr. Mehmet Oz meet with Bishop Duane Brock to learn the history of Parade Street and the Parade Street Project.

Bishop Brock said Parade Street is the entry point to minority communities in Erie, and the necessary investments will revitalize the area.

During the tour, the Republican nominee discussed crime, safety, and neighborhood safety.

Bishop Brock told us the efforts on the Parade Street Project are appreciated by any candidate, whether Republican or Democrat, because the main focus is the Erie community.

We will have more on the Parade Street Project and the efforts involved tonight on JET 24 Action News and