Best Physical Therapy Center in Erie!

With 45 yeas of combined experience, Ashley and Kuzma have been providing extensive inpatient and outpatient treatments to their clients to get them back on their feet after sports injuries, work injuries, and post sugeries.

Their staff of experienced physical therapists are committed to getting you the treatments you need to get you feeling better. Offering appointments in the early morning, lunch-time, or evenings to fit your schedule.

Back Pain Specialists

Is chronic back pain interfering with your ability to work, participate in activities, play sports? Are you missing out on activities because of your back pain? Back pain is not something you have to live with, Ashley & Kuzma Physical Therapy offers many treatments to help alleviate some or all of your back pain. Through physical therapy, you and your therapist can work towards minimizing your discomfort as much as possible.


Ashley & Kuzma Physical Therapy offers rehabilitation services for post-surgical, sports, and work related injuries as well as painful disorders and accident rehab.

Sports Injuries:
Rotator Cuff Tears
Sprains and Strains
Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow

Work Related Injuries:
Bulging Discs
Carpal Tunnel
Neck & Back Pain
Bulging Discs

Other Painful Disorders:
Frozen Shoulders
Hand Disorders
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Post-Surgery/Accident Rehab:
Balance Disorders
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Surgical Rehab

Contact Ashley & Kuzma Physical Therapy

2111 West 8th Street
Erie, PA 16505
(814) 456-5151

M,T,Th: 7:00AM – 6:00PM
W,F: 7:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed noon until 1:00 PM for lunch.

Meet Ashley & Kuzma’s Team

Greg Kuzma
Dr. Bethany Sivak, PT, DPT
Amanda Durst, PTA
Markie Greenawalt, Office Manager
Tyler Kuzma
Dr. Sierra Iavarone, PT, DPT
Lindsey Reid, PTA
Sarah Young, PT & Photo Tech

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