Foulks Flooring FAQs
Cork is a member of the beech family.  The cork oak tree grows in coastal regions of the Mediterranean. Cork itself comes from the bark of the tree and is harvested every 9-11 years, keeping the tree alive.
Cork flooring is a great choice for anywhere in your home and even in commercial settings. It’s comfortable under foot, durable, insulating, fire resistant and naturally sound suppressing.  Cork’s unique character and beauty, along with the fact that it’s highly sustainable and environmentally friendly, make it the modern, popular choice for flooring. 
Cork can be purchased as a floating floor.  A floating floor is one that is not attached to the sub-floor. Each plank is secured to the adjoining plank so that the floor functions as a single unit instead of a series of individual pieces.  The pre-finished planks come ready to install with a patented tongue and groove edge, so no nails or glue are needed.
Here are some things you should know:
–        Cork improves air quality, since it doesn’t absorb or release dust into the air.
–        Cork contains a natural wax-like substance called Suberin, a natural insect repellant that seals the cork against bacterial growth. 
–        Many of the heavily traveled buildings in Washington, DC like as the Smithsonian, have enjoyed cork floors for years. 

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