Hardwood Refinishing

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A hardwood floor can show signs of wear over time. The finish may look dull or have surface scratches. There might be stains from spills or pets, missing finish or scratches and scars that go through to the wood itself. Dust free refinishing corrects all of these problems. During the refinishing process your floors are sanded with a vacuum system that removes the dust to a truck outside your home. This is when stains or discolorations are removed and deeper scratches or other damage to the wood are repaired. Then, the floor is stained to the color of your choice. The final step is to apply several thin layers of finish to seal the floor and provide a long lasting, durable finish.
Be careful about dust free sanding done by attaching a shopvac to a sander. These types of systems DON’T extract the dust from your home AND they leave sediment from the shopvac exhaust in your house.
Be equally cautious about products applied to your floors to “bring it back to life” without sanding.  This is usually just a layer of tinted top-coat that can’t give a uniform finish or remove stains and scratches.
Here are some things to remember:
–         Stains and scratches cannot be removed without removing the old finish.
–         Since the equipment that is used to remove the old finish can damage the floor if not used properly, choose a professional contractor with experience in hardwood floor refinishing. 
–         Consider using latex (water) based finishes that dry quickly, are durable and carry the GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification.
–         Then, sit back and enjoy your beautiful, like-new floor.

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