Erie, Pennsylvania (WJET/WFXP/ — In this week’s Black and Gold Digital Edition, hosts Jay Puskar, Mike Fenner and Kent Urbanski break down the Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 8 and look ahead to the matchup against the New Orleans Saints.

The Steelers will come into Sunday rested from a bye week. That’s after a punishing loss to the undefeated Eagles on Oct. 30. The Eagles routed the Steelers 35-13. While Pittsburgh has strong pass coverage, they were bested by a dominant Philadelphia wide receiver.

During the bye week, Pittsburgh traded Chase Claypool to the Chicago Bears.

The New Orleans Saints were defeated by the Baltimore Ravens 27-13 on Monday, Nov. 7. While the Saints have an embattled quarterback, they also have a strong running game — they can keep the plays on the ground and they can keep possession of the ball. That could spell trouble for the Steelers who have struggled with run defense.

The Steelers have struggled to score more than 20 points per game this season. While Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett and his wide receivers are confidently gaining yardage and reaching the red zone, they’ve had trouble completing the drives into touchdowns.

On Sunday, the Steelers need to score, and the offense needs to maintain possessions to take the pressure off of the defense. Pittsburgh needs to get the ball into the end zone and get the fans behind them.

Kickoff is at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 13 in Pittsburgh.