Erie, Pennsylvania (WJET/WFXP/ — The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off a home loss to the Baltimore Ravens and will take on the Carolina Panthers for Week 15.

Pittsburgh’s loss on Dec. 11 was a major disappointment — the game was within their grasp, but red-zone turnovers hampered their chances. Early in the game, quarterback Kenny Pickett was sidelined with a possible concussion and backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky stepped in. Trubisky threw an early touchdown, but he couldn’t keep the ball out of the hands of the defenders through the bulk of the game. Interceptions were thrown on two separate drives that had taken the Pittsburgh offense to touchdown territory. A deep ball led to a third turnover.

While the Baltimore Ravens were down a key runner, the Ravens still focused on a running offense. The Steelers defense has struggled this season to shut down the run game and gave up 215 yards to the Ravens in Week 14.

As the Steelers travel to take on the Carolina Panthers on Dec. 18, it could be anybody’s game. Carolina has struggled this season, but a win over the Steelers would see the Panthers having a chance at being the NFC South champions.

Carolina is a running team, like Baltimore. In order to upset the Panthers in their pursuit of leading their division, the Steelers will need to stop that run. The Steelers also will need to protect the ball and execute the red zone offense.

Kickoff is at 1 p.m.