Erie, Pennsylvania (WJET/WFXP/ — In this week’s Black and Gold Digital Edition, hosts Jay Puskar, Mike Fenner and Kent Urbanski discuss the Steelers’ performance against the Buccaneers and what they’ll need to do to earn “the W” in Miami on Sunday.

In Week 6, Pittsburgh narrowly defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in an upset victory. Rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett started the game and may have fed off the home stadium energy in Pittsburgh as he faced off against veteran and revered quarterback Tom Brady. When Pickett suffered a late game concussion, Mitch Trubisky took the field and sealed the win.

Trubisky and the Pittsburgh offense converted on unlikely third downs. Wide receiver Chase Claypool had a strong showing. The Steelers defense continued to put pressure on Brady. That said, the game remained low scoring and the running game left Pittsburgh appearing as one-dimensional.

The Steelers will take on the Miami Dolphins in Miami for Sunday Night Football. The game kicks off at 8:20 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 23. The cold weather in the Northeast may have permeated into the south, and playing an evening game could mean that sideline temperatures could be moderated. That could take away a home stadium advantage that Miami has enjoyed during daytime games.

It remains unknown if Pickett will be cleared to play in Sunday’s game, but regardless of which quarterback starts, the Steelers quarterback will need to take chances. The Steelers have been routinely been held to about 20 points this season (aside from a lopsided 38-3 loss against the Buffalo Bills). Pittsburgh will need to generate more points moving forward.