LATROBE, PA (WJET)–The Pittsburgh Steelers had their Friday Night Lights practice at Latrobe Memorial Stadium on Friday. 

Fans came near and far to show their support for the Black and Gold.  

Last year the special training camp practice was rained out so for many players this was the first time they got to experience the fun.  

For a player like quarterback Mitch Trubisky, he says he’s thankful for all the support over the years.  

“I feeling old. I feel like I’ve been around for a while. He said he’s been wactching me since he was a kid so I’ve been around for a while but still blessed and thankful for this game and all the fans out here to support us over the years so it’s special.” 

Mitch Trubisky, Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback

Rookie Joey Porter Jr. says he remembers being on the sidelines as a child watching his father play, but the roles were reversed as fans screamed his name that evening.  

“Definitely a special moment. It’s actually crazy how it was all set up. We were tag teaming autographs and everything like that. It was great…I’m still not used to it. When they’re saying my name, I think they’re saying my dad’s name, but they really want me to sign their stuff so I’m just happy to be here man.”  

Joey Porter Jr., Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback

The Steelers continue training camp at St. Vincent College this weekend and already wrap up week two of practices in Latrobe.