Border crossers subject to COVID-19 screenings when walking back to US

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Arianna Martinez provides hand sanitizer to unidentified woman after a quick COVID-19 screening at the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

TIJUANA (Border Report) — Border crossers walking back to the United States through the San Ysidro Port of Entry might encounter Arianna Martinez sitting at a table wearing a medical mask and gloves with a bottle of hand sanitizer in hand.

Martinez works for SIMNSA, the oldest and largest Mexican insurance provider that is licensed by the state of California. She and her coworkers have been assigned to conduct COVID-19 screenings at this and other parts of the border.

On Thursday, Martinez was assigned to the Ped West crossing between San Diego and Tijuana. For eight hours a day, she sits at that table talking to people while looking for symptoms of the disease.

“We talk to everyone and ask them about how they’re feeling and we look for signs, if need be, we take temperatures as well,” Martinez said.

You’ll also get a full pump of hand sanitizer if you wish.

And Martinez said if someone appears to be ill, they will be asked to seek medical attention, transportation to a medical facility for further evaluation is also an option.

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