City of Tijuana looking for help naming rare albino peacock

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Rare albino peacock recently hatched in Tijuana Park. City looking for help in naming bird. (Courtesy: City of Tijuana)

TIJUANA (Border Report) — Tijuana’s parks and rec department is seeking public help in naming a rare albino peacock.

The bird has been strutting its stuff at Morelos Park in southeast Tijuana since it hatched a few months back.

City officials have set a deadline of Sept. 20 for entries, and you don’t have to be a city resident to enter. On Sept. 21, a winner will be selected.

Name suggestions should be sent to:

The person who submits the winning entry will receive a prize consisting of a behind the scenes tour of Tijuana’s zoo and six passes to the park. The winner will also get a plaque with his/her name and a picture of the bird.

Albino peacocks are the result of a genetic mutation called leucism, which causes pigment not to stick to their feathers.

Technically speaking, female peacocks are called peahens, while “babies” are called peachicks. There are three species, all referred to as peafowl.

Albino peacocks are said to be very rare and native to India. It will take two years before its white feathers fully develop.

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