More than $1 million in federal dollars is going to several projects across Erie County.

An organization called Infinite Erie was awarded a $1 million grant that will provide assistance to development projects across the region. An additional $2 million is coming from local investments.

Infinite Erie, the Erie Community Foundation, Erie’s Black Wall Street and the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program helped to raise these local funds.

Kim Thomas, the executive director of Infinite Erie, explained how this grant will allow local organizations to have access to the resources they need.

“This will really allow us to do the work that we say we’re here to do. It will allow us to work with nonprofit organizations who are putting forth real transformational projects. They have some really great ideas and really great visions. The projects, once implemented, are going to be incredibly impactful on the communities that they’re being implemented in,” said Thomas.

The $3 million total investment will be used over the course of the next three years.