An event that’s been taking place for over a decade wrapped up a week-long celebration.

AHN Saint Vincent is celebrating the end of National Nurses and Hospital Week by thanking its staff with awards. Nine nurses and four hospital operations staff members will be acknowledged this year.

Awards include Rookie of the Year, Aspiring Clinical Leader, Rising Star, and more.

During the week, the hospital gave away prizes and unveiled its new special recognition wall. Karen Munson, the director of professional practice and education at AHN, said this event is the highlight of the week.

“A good nurse is just as important as having a great physician,” Munson said.

“The work that they do is so important. Patients could never leave here without a nurse taking care of them. They are really the soul that puts everything together and they change the lives of both their patients and their families every day,” said Sallie Piazza, chief nursing officer, AHN Saint Vincent.