A local hospital is honoring employees in its 2023 Doctor’s Day ceremony to acknowledge their accomplishments.

March 30 is Doctor’s Day and AHN Saint Vincent Hospital took the time to acknowledge two of its physicians and highlight their careers. Dr. Matthew McCarthy has been the developer and former program director of the Emergency Medicine Program for 16 years.

“Right now, I’ve got probably over 100 residents across the country practicing that trained right here at Saint Vincent’s,” said Dr. Matthew T. McCarthy, emergency medicine attending at AHN Saint Vincent.

McCarthy added statistics show that his trainees are making significant strides.

“Dr. Carlson, who’s the program director now, when he actually did the statistics, it’s something like over a million lives touched when you start thinking about the number of patients we treat every year,” Dr. McCarthy explained.

Dr. Caitlin Clark said she has been at Saint Vincent since 2001. She said her career involves serving as faculty of the Saint Vincent Family Medicine residency then becoming the associate program director and then program director for five years.

“It’s great to be recognized because we’re the ones helping to create the new generation of physicians,” said Dr. Caitlin Clark, medical director for Saint Vincent Family Medicine.

Dr. Clark said it was an honor to share this moment with Dr. McCarthy and the doctors that came before her.

“I think it’s changed from just how long you’ve been here to kind of how active you’ve been in the medical staff and other roles that you’ve played. To have those roles recognized, I mean again, you kind of just get to come in every day and do what you love to do, and I feel honored to be able to do that and so, so grateful,” Dr. Clark went on to say.

Dr. McCarthy said although he is the one being honored, there were many helping hands along the way.

“I kind of feel like the quarterback of the football team, though I might get the award, but it’s a team approach. I can’t do my job without all of the ancillary people who do their jobs and help me to, you know, pursue my career,” Dr. McCarthy said gratefully.