After a high number of animal seizures, one local animal shelter is seeing an increased volume of adoptions and the need for their help in other states.

The ANNA Shelter is taking their mission of caring for neglected and needy dogs to the next level after assisting in rescues and the unplanned seizing of 94 dogs in total.

Over a span of seven days, the ANNA Shelter seized 13 German shepherds and 31 Jack Russell terriers, while assisting in a rescue of 50 beagles.

Ruth Thompson, founder and director of the ANNA Shelter, said the rescuing of the beagles was the only round-up that was planned.

“The week prior, we took in the 31 Jack Russells and then literally the day after we came back with the beagles, we got the 13 German shepherds,” said Ruth Thompson, founder and director, ANNA Shelter.

Thompson said the shelter now has 77 dogs available for adoption, but that could change day to day. She added that the recent rescue and seizing have prompted more people to reach out to the shelter.

“We get calls from all over the state. Once in a while, I get calls from Ohio, New York state, from municipalities, from police departments asking for help,” Thompson added.

The founder and director said people have driven over nine hours in hopes of adopting dogs.

After one of the recent Jack Russell terrier adoptions, the owner said the companionship for her is just as important as it is for the dog.

“Absolutely, absolutely, and it was good that she got out of that situation. Now it’s one-on-one, you know, it’s just me and her,” said Angela Miller, adopted a Jack Russell terrier.

Miller said she is planning on implementing the necessary care and training for her new dog, Lovie, as she enters her new home.

“I just put in some obedience training for her and you got to be very very patient. I mean like extremely patient because she was afraid of doors and people and pans, if you drop something that kind of thing, so just being patient but it’s all good,” said Miller.

Thompson said one German shepherd remains at the shelter, along with 17 of the beagles.