Erie Insurance teamed up with the Second Harvest Food Bank in an employee-driven food drive to help feed local families.

Second Harvest Food Bank and Erie Insurance said it takes a community effort to give back to those less fortunate in Erie as they look to feed families this Thanksgiving with the 36th annual Rick Hinman Thanksgiving Dinner Drive.

Their goal is to pack 3,000 complete family meals for those that are less fortunate in the community.

“I love what we do at Second Harvest. Every day we’re helping people with groceries, but it’s so much more meaningful and so much more rewarding to be able to help a family over the holidays,” said Karen Seggi, CEO, Second Harvest Food Bank.

The food drive is employee-driven with over 50 volunteers from Erie Insurance to help give back to these families.

“Everybody really cares about helping others, so it’s just one person saying something and doing something, and it’s very contagious,” said Charles Spacht, IT manager, Erie Insurance.

The IT manager said teaming up with the Second Harvest Food Bank within the last 12 years has played a large role in their efforts.

“Not only maximizing the buying power that Second Harvest has but they also do all of the sourcing of the meals for us, let alone identify all of the families that we will deliver those meals to,” Spacht added.

The chief executive officer said the next steps once the food is packaged is for the families.

“These baskets are already accounted for. They’re gonna go out next week, just before Thanksgiving. They’ll make sure every family has a nice feast on Thanksgiving,” Seggi said.

Erie Insurance said it would not be possible to continue these efforts without help from the community.

“This is really the Erie community, helping the Erie community, neighbor helping neighbor. Erie Insurance just has a lot of people there and we really ask our friends and family to be a part of this as well. We reached out to others in the community. It really is a community thing,” said Spacht.

For more information on how to volunteer this holiday season, go to the Second Harvest Food Bank’s website.