The annual spring walk took place as local environmentalists are analyzing the beach conditions at Presque Isle State Park after the winter months.

Park operations manager Matt Greene said typically Beach 1 and 3 do not need nourishment but Beach 5 and west of Beach 6 is where most of the erosion takes place.

A coastal engineer at the beach walk said significant erosion has taken place through the winter, but it has a beneficial aspect.

“Unfortunately, without the ice setting in, we did have regular wave action impacting the shoreline. We haven’t had too much for really heavy storms lately. February and March time frame there were a couple of bigger blows here and there, but I think we’ve benefitted from a slightly milder set of wind events and everything too,” said Weston Cross, coastal engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District.

Cross said the mild winds have helped with keeping the erosion in check at the park.