A bald eagle was released into the wild Tuesday at Erie Bluffs State Park.

After six months of rehabilitation at the Tamarack Wildlife Center, a bald eagle named “Nora” was released. Dozens of spectators were able to watch a healthy Nora take off into the wild.

Nora was found injured in July 2022 on the shores of Lake Erie. She was rescued by the members of the public.

The executive director of the wildlife center explained to WJET what could have led to Nora’s injury.

“It appears that she was maybe plunging for a fish in the lake and then was unable to fly back out again and got waterlogged and washed up on the rocks of the shore. We had to treat for wounds, as well as low body weight and signs of illness. She’s made a full recovery,” said Carol Holmgren, executive director, Tamarack Wildlife Center.

Despite colder temperatures, spectators came out to the Erie Bluffs to witness the bald eagle being released.