One local trucking company is donating more than $12,000 to the Special Olympics of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Barnhart Transportation raised thousands of dollars last month at its Charity Bowling Tournament.

On Monday morning, they presented the organization with their check.

Several times a year, the company selects a local nonprofit to support with fundraising events.

One representative from the Special Olympics says the organization is all about inclusion, and that it means so much for a local company to support their athletes.

“We have a lot of need for that. Just being recognized as part of the community is such a huge piece for us. We have a lot of expenses, there’s equipment and supplies, transportation, so a gift like this really does allow us to make sure our local athletes right here in Northwest Pennsylvania get the opportunities they deserve,” said Deanna Renaud, executive director, Special Olympics.

Barnhart Transportation plans to host another fundraiser next month to support a charity called “Hunt of a Lifetime.“