A local trucking company is recognizing the heroic acts of an employee who saved and rehomed an emaciated dog.

Rich DiFronzo, an owner-operator of Barnhart Transportation, says while pulling into a truck stop in New Jersey he saw a Pitbull-mix puppy named Roxy tied to a tree.

He says he tried to locate the owner, only to find out someone was trying to sell the dog.

DiFronzo says the dog was tied to the tree on a Saturday and he found her on a Thursday, malnourished. He told us he took Roxy home to nurture her back to health and to pay for her vet bills.

The CFO of Barnhart told us he is proud of DiFronzo, and that his efforts reflect the core values instilled in the company of giving back to the community.

“I grew up with pets my whole life, dogs, cats, birds, just an animal lover. I just couldn’t see it, just like leaving a little kid outside, leaving it outside and let it starve to die, so I brought it home,” said Richard DiFronzo, owner-operator, Barnhart Transportation.

Roxy is now rehomed with a family of another Barnhart employee in Kentucky and is living a happy and healthy life.