Blood Watch- Betts Industries hosts blood drives with Community Blood Bank

Blood Watch

Everyday heroes fill our local community everyday, most of them helping to save the lives of complete strangers they will most likely never meet.

Every week, local businesses host blood drives with the Community Blood Bank to help fill the blood supply for local hospitals.

Betts Industries has been hosting blood drives with the CBB for 18 years since 2001.

In that time, they have collected around 650 units of blood, helping to save the lives of more than 2,000 patients in the local hospitals.

The Health and Wellness Coordinator at Betts says the employees who donate love to donate and love knowing they are saving local lives.

“It stays here in the community. I know we have a couple people who have actually said they’ve had family members who needed blood in the past. I think that helps to bring awareness for people to actually come and give blood, because they know it is helping save lives here,” said Libby Abbey, Health and Wellness Coordinator, Betts Industries.

If you are interested in helping to save lives, you can call the blood bank at 814-456-4206 or visit to find a blood drive near you or to schedule a blood drive at your organization or business.

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