Titusville YMCA now holding blood drives with Community Blood Bank

Blood Watch

Giving back to the local community is literally in the blood of dozens of hardworking employees throughout the region every day.

The Titusville YMCA recently started holding blood drives with the Community Blood Bank.

They made the switch from a different blood donation organization, because the Community Blood Bank is the exclusive blood supplier to local hospitals, including the Titusville Area Hospital.

The Membership and Marketing Director says they made the switch, because even though blood donation is good no matter where you do it, it is part of their mission to help support the local hospital.

“The Titusville YMCA is a true cause-driven organization. We’re here for the community, and if that is one thing we can do for our social responsibility to give back, then we are all for it,” said Holly Sprong, Titusville YMCA.

If you would like to help save lives, you can contact the Community Blood Bank to host a blood drive or go only to find a blood drive near you.

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