The Arc of Erie County’s “Buddy Walk” is set for this Saturday as a way to celebrate children and adults with disabilities as well as their families.

Fontaine Glenn was live at the Erie Sports Center with more on Saturday’s event.

Come Saturday, families will be at the Erie Sports Center for this year’s “Buddy Walk.” This year’s walk will take place at the Erie Sports Center beginning at 11 a.m. Registration is at 9 a.m.

The Buddy Walk is used as a way to celebrate children and adults with disabilities and their families while raising money for The Arc of Erie County. The arc also uses it as a way to provide advocacy and family support for those families.  

After walking with their families and some travel team members, participants will get the chance to try soccer and baseball.

“Then also into a unified clinic afterwards, where you’ve got kids with down syndrome and disabled kids doing a soccer clinic and a baseball clinic with kids that are part of elite travel teams. And I think that on both sides of the spectrum, they’ll get to learn something,” said Troy Bingham, owner, Erie Sports Center.

For Kim and her son Matthew, The Arc has been a guide in finding education and resources within the community to help with Matthew.

She said by connecting with other families it has helped her emotional well being navigating her son’s diagnosis.

“Having support and people who understand, other families can relate to you, they’ve been through the same thing. You know, find families that have older children. When he was young that was huge to find families who have already gone through whatever it was that we were going through that I could ask them for advice,” said Kim and Matthew Serafin, mother and son.

Kim said Matthew is a part of Dance Vibe in the group called Special Vibe Dance and will be performing with his friends up on stage at 10 a.m. Saturday morning.