The first day of spring is usually a signal for new beginnings. It’s also when businesses like garden centers and bike shops start to see more customers.

As the weather warms up for spring so does the number of people who want new bicycles or just to get them fixed and tuned up.

“Seeing a big pick up in people purchasing bikes for their children, for themselves, getting ready for the spring season and doing some cycling,” said Jackie Raver, Bert’s Bikes & Fitness.

They also sell a lot of electric bikes. Many folks are also getting their bikes repaired.

“This is kind of the calm before the storm as far as service goes. Everything picks up and gets a little crazy as soon as the weather clears, so now is the time you need service,” Raver added.

Workers at Gerlach’s Garden and Floral are busy planting.

“More and more people start to trickle in. Every day there will be more and more people coming in now that it’s spring,” said Shelly Cupfer, Gerlach’s Garden and Floral.

The first day of spring doesn’t always mean great weather, so you have to be careful while planning your shrubs, flowers and vegetables too.

“Things like peas and spinach and lettuce and things that can be planted now. There are lots of things that you can throw in the ground like seeds and wait for the warm weather, the real warm weather to happen,” Cupfer said.

Both businesses are also excited about a nice uptick in business since the weather is getting warmer.