The City of Erie and Erie Metropolitan Transportation Authority (EMTA) collaborated to ensure all people have a way to make it to the polls to cast their ballot on Tuesday.

One voter who participated in the offered services reacted to the effort to ensure the casting of ballots.

An Election Day event is taking place once again as a Bayliner trolley is used to help take senior citizens to and from the polls.

“We go to all the housing that’s available for seniors in Erie. We get everyone and bring them to where they do their voting,” said Mayor Joe Schember, City of Erie.

The mayor said it’s rewarding to see new and returning faces partake in the services and provide a guaranteed service that many rely on.

“We do it at every senior citizen complex here within the city and get them all to vote, and it’s one of the favorite days of my life doing this kind of thing,” Mayor Schember said.

The director of marketing and public relations of EMTA said it is crucial that senior citizens have a right to vote just as anyone else.

“It’s important that they have an opportunity to cast their vote as well, and as every day, seniors citizens ride free with their senior pass so the service we’re happy to provide,” said Sarah Morrison, director of marketing and public relations, EMTA.

One voter on board the trolley said having this help is beneficial as casting his vote in this election matters to him just as any other election.

“It’s great because it’s hard for me to get around so it’s definitely a big help,” said Charles Becker, voter.

Mayor Schember and Morrison added they are happy to collaborate especially on a day as important as Election Day.

“It’s so important to vote that everybody does it and I don’t care who you vote for to be honest. Everybody should be out voting the important thing,” said Mayor Schember.

“Having some elected officials showing their support for helping you choose your other elected officials is definitely something that we support. It’s everyone’s right to get out there, especially our seniors today,” Morrison said.

Mayor Schember said he is hopeful that voter turnout increases throughout the evening.