Efforts to keep Shawn Giles’ name and memory present in the community continue as family and friends hosted a fundraiser on Sunday that will be used to help start a nonprofit in Giles’ honor.

Since August, the EMS community has grieved the loss of Shawn Giles but they’re doing everything they can to remember him and do his legacy justice.

Nearly three months have passed since 53-year-old Giles was killed at a crash scene in North East. He was a volunteer firefighter with Fuller Hose Company who was directing traffic when he was hit and killed by an oncoming car.

Since that time, first responders have been pushing for reform — especially because they’ve seen more close calls out on the roads since.

“This is my 41st year in the fire service, and tragically, I’ve been on a number of calls where this has happened. The more we can make people aware about what’s happening out there, just by slowing down a bit, that’s what fire police are out there for. We’re on the scene taking care of an individual, they’re taking care of our backs. We need people to slow down just a little and we’ll be okay,” said John Rainey, coordinator.

With the tragic incident is still fresh on the minds of many, dozens of people laced up their bowling shoes Sunday at Greengarden Lanes in Erie for a fundraiser.

Adele Burnette Giles, Shawn Giles’ wife, said that she’s even working on creating a nonprofit in honor of his name.

“To me, keeping Shawn’s name alive is very important — that’s number one. But the purpose of the Shawn Giles Memorial Fund is to raise money so that we can use it for positive changes. I don’t want anybody to ever have to go through what we’ve gone through,” said Burnette-Giles.

Burnette-Giles added that she’s not sure what positive change looks like yet, but she’s on a mission to help keep first responders safe so another family doesn’t have to live through the heartache and pain she and her family are experiencing.

She went on to say they hope to do this bowling fundraiser annually along with a 5k walk or run with possibly more on the horizon.