It’s day three of the Erie Winter Carnival and businesses set up in Perry Square are reacting to support from the community and weighing in on how the festivities have been so far.

Saturday marked the third day of the Erie Winter Carnival and businesses pulled out all the stops for people that attended.

“Typically, we offer photo opportunities, petting, feeding, we’ll let the child walk with the pig on a leash which is a fun experience for them we also have them step up on a box and they can offer them a carrot and get a little kiss if they would like that,” said Maribeth Lacy, owner of Tree Family Party Piggies.

Lacy said when she received the call to be a part of the Winter Carnival, she knew it would be a wonderful thing to participate in with the community.

“It is such a great honor, our mission is to spread joy so when we got the invitation to come here and knew that families would be downtown celebrating these wonderful ice sculptures and supporting local businesses, we’re like ‘we’ll be perfect’,” Lacy explained.

Although the carnival kicked off on Thursday, February 23 – another business owner said the fun and festivities kicked into full swing on Friday night.

“So, I set up last night I was here four to seven and it was actually pretty busy because we had the fire dancing and really Erie came out last night. Today we set up and I mean at noon our booth was completely full,” said Charmain Wismar, owner of Charmain’s Custom Creations.

Wismar said the fire dancing has been her favorite part so far while another owner said nothing tops being a part of a supportive community.

“It makes us feel like what we’re doing is important and that people appreciate what we’re making and our art,” said Kaitlin Gallaher, owner of and designer at Sanibellie Earrings.

The business owners said they are grateful for the community support despite any weather.

“I mean they always come out, it doesn’t matter what event it is, how cold it is, it could be snowing, could be freezing but they’ll come out,” Wismar went on to say.

Erie has one more day to participate in the festivities Sunday at the Erie Winter Carnival from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.