People got the chance to connect with some of Erie County’s most haunting stories and folklores at Werner Books and Coffee Wednesday evening.

Stephanie Wincik, the author of “Ghosts of Erie County” and “More Ghosts of Erie County,” joined curious members of the community and shared some of Erie’s horror stories and legends.

For example, the story of Mad Anthony Wayne, Axe Murder Hollow, UFO sightings at Presque Isle, and more.

“I think a lot of people really like to hear local stuff. I know for us a lot of the books, the most popular books that we sell are local history, local true crime, local everything. To kind of hear it from the source, the person that wrote the book, is a kind of a lot of fun,” said Kyle Churman, co-owner of Werner Books and Coffee.

Wincik also leads tours of local Erie cemeteries, sharing the haunting history of our region with the public.