Destination PA- Presque Isle State Park

Destination PA

As more states limit or ban travel this year, you can plan a getaway without leaving Pennsylvania.

In this week’s Destination PA, we’re staying in our own backyard, taking a trip to the shores of Lake Erie.

“This is well maintained and it’s picturesque. It’s just a nice getaway, especially during COVID.” said Toni Henry.

Toni Henry and her husband drove two hours from East Brady to visit Presque Isle State Park.

“Well, it’s got everything. It’s got the beaches and the kayaking and the bicycling.” Henry said.

Sarah Walker is a Pittsburgh school teacher enjoying her vacation. Her son wanted to visit the ocean.

“Instead of driving six hours, this was a lot closer and it’s just as beautiful.” Walker said.

Walker says the waters at Presque Isle are just as good as any ocean or state park.

“It’s nice. It’s really nice because it’s not just one of the state parks where you go and it’s kind of mucky water. It looks like an ocean, but it’s not, it’s a lake.” Walker said.

Unlike many other tourist attractions in Pennsylvania, some would say the best part of Presque Isle State Park is its price.

“The big thing that we hear is there is no charge. I mean, it’s free, and visitors coming from New York state where they have to pay to enter every state park. They are amazed.” said John Oliver, President and CEO of VisitErie.

Oliver says when it comes to the beaches at Presque Isle, pictures and videos don’t do it justice. You have to see it to believe it.

“The fact is that we have seven miles of beach, that always, even though we promote we have seven miles of beach, I don’t think it makes that full impact until the visitor actually comes and walks out on the beach and sees how much we have.” Oliver said.

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