Students and community members reached for the stars in an effort to keep the Fighting Scott tradition alive.

Space-floats launched through the heart of Edinboro Saturday to celebrate PennWest’s annual homecoming parade.

Over 80 units roller skated, danced and marched to the ‘out of this world theme.’ Including our very own JET24/FOX66 team!

“The community really gets behind edinboro’s homecoming. We’re expecting about 2500 people downtown. That’s going to be community members and all the alumni that come back to celebrate everything edinboro,” said Shawn Hoke, assistant vice president of student affairs for PennWest Edinboro University.

No matter the connection to borough, everyone seemed to gather to show to appreciate the community.

One parade goer came from Ohioville to spend homecoming weekend with her friends that attend the university.

“This is my first time coming up here and I can tell that it’s such a fun town and it seems like such a family aspect of the town here and it just seems like it’s such a fun time,” said McKenna Wass, who was visiting friends that attend PennWest Edinboro.

Two PennWest seniors started college at the beginning of the pandemic and said they have watched homecoming take off year after year.

“More people have gotten involved in the community and it’s just really amazing to see all of the people here,” said Mackenzie Wenmoth, PennWest senior.

“We normally don’t see this around the campus so it’s really exciting to get everyone out here,” said Michala Weidler, PennWest senior.

“It’s a lot of hard work. It’s exhausting for a lot of our folks who are in charge of putting all this on, all the students that are helping with it but its great because we have such a wonderful turn out and great support and hopefully everyone has a great time,” Hoke went on to say.