The Edinboro Hotel Bar received attention again after being featured in a video behind a performance by musician John Mellencamp in Indianapolis.

The hotel bar has been featured a lot throughout the entertainment world recently. Patrick Hargest, the owner, said each time it’s been a surprise.

Most recently, a video of the front of Edinboro Hotel Bar appeared behind Mellencamp performing his song “Small Town” and the owner couldn’t be prouder.

“It’s been a wild year to say the least. Going back to last fall when we were in ‘The Neighborhood’ CBS show and then we were in a Hallmark movie in February, this is an iconic building around here, but it’s kind of funny that it’s become a nationally iconic building you could say,” said Patrick Hargest, owner of Edinboro Hotel Bar.

When asked why he thinks the Edinboro Hotel Bar has been featured so much lately, Hargest said the footage was likely uploaded to some larger database people use as stock video.