Organizers for the Eerie Horror Fest outlined plans for this year’s event.  

Among the highlights, Claudio Simonetti’s band “Goblin” will play some of their most well-known horror film scores.

Jenna Davis, who plays the voice of Megan in the 2022 chiller will be on hand. Also George Romero’s zombie classic “Night of the Living Dead” will be screened with a live band playing the score — all happening at the Warner Theater.

The festival director explained the process of getting the show set up.

“As soon as our event ended last October, we started meeting again to work on plans for the event, because we always want to make it bigger and better every year, and last year’s event we got a lot of great feedback, a lot of people to attend, so we just want to make them happier, more excited and bring more people to Erie,” said John C. Lyons, Eerie Horror Fest.

The Eerie Horror Fest will happen October 4-7, and tickets are now available at a discounted rate for early buyers.