A local nonprofit celebrated 110 years of service in the Erie community Monday with non-verbal artwork from their clients.

Erie Homes for Children and Adults (EHCA) welcomed visitors to an “unspoken symphony” to showcase artwork that comes to life simply by scanning a QR code.

EHCA celebrated 110 years of service in Erie with an “unspoken symphony” that allows its clients to participate in non-verbal art. The vice president of residential and health services said the symphony is viewed as a pharmacy for individuals.

“People who are non-verbal can paint. What you do is download the music and take the art strokes, and the art strokes get downloaded, and it creates music,” said Kara Carone, vice president of residential and health services at EHCA.

Staff of EHCA adopted the concept after attending a press conference in Florida and wanted to present the opportunity to people in Erie.

“We wanted to explore the option for us to be able to do it, letting our individuals be able to touch another piece of sensory,” said Marcia Nitczynski, director of residential services at EHCA.

The “unspoken symphony” allows their clients to be able to express their thoughts and experiences through art and music. The director of residential services told us why this is important.

“First of all just for self-awareness be able to express themselves in another way for Erie homes to get into the community and to let our people to be part of the community as well,” Nitczynski added.

The display is a treat for both the eyes and the ears as visitors are able to scan the QR code and see how the artwork came to life.

“It was a joint effort on all the programs part and we have displayed the QR codes and everything that they can listen to the music to,” said Carone.

Carone added that she hopes in another 110 years, EHCA will still be servicing the community and will be bigger and better.