A local nonprofit held its inaugural race over the weekend to support a former first responder who passed away in 2015 during military training.

EmergyCare’s EmergyRace brought Erie residents together to solve puzzles, clues and riddles that would take them to multiple locations throughout the area.

The race was held in memory of Kyle Swain, who was a former volunteer firefighter and EMT and also served in the U.S. Army.

The community engagement coordinator for EmergyCare said 30 people on 15 teams registered and participated.

Final numbers are not in yet, but she said between $5,000-$6,000 is estimated to be raised.

“This will go towards education and training. It will go towards education and training of new EMTs and paramedics and also our current staff because they have to do a lot of training to keep up with everything that is happening and get their continuing education credits,” said Lisa Songer, the community engagement coordinator of EmergyCare.

Songer added plans are already being made for next year’s race which will involve a different course.