Airlines said they are seeing a strong recovery in travelers in Erie International Airport’s 2022 annual report along with other accomplishments and what staff said can be expected.

Erie International Airport’s annual report notes that leisure travelers picked up the slack from business travelers who made a slow return to flying but are now beginning to approach 2019 flying levels.

The executive director also mentioned a new relationship with United Airlines.

“United Airlines, on March 4, added a bigger plane to the marketplace. It has 76 seats, which has first class and coach, so more people can fly out and connect to more destinations,” said Derek Martin, executive director, Erie International Airport.

An Erie County councilman, who is also the liaison for the Erie Airport, said the expansion of plane seating could be a tourism boost for the city.

“That’s a big plus for the airport. I also think a few other places where businessmen have to fly out, that’s a plus for us too, it’s a plus for the airport, and it’s a plus for our area too,” said Terry Scutella, Erie County Councilman, District 1.

Martin said this summer will bring $14 million in projects to the airport.

“The widening of the runway that we did last year, or the taxiway, that allows us to bring bigger planes in. Then there’s the general aviation hanger ramp project that’s going to take place this summer. Then also the realignment of taxiway alpha,” Martin said.

One state senator said when it comes to boosting the airport, he will do everything he can in Harrisburg to make sure there is the necessary funding.

“The airport is one of the things I intend to work on. I meet with Derek Martin from time to time and go over some of the financial issues they are having, and we’re absolutely going to get to work on lowering these costs,” said Pennsylvania State Senator Dan Laughlin (R), 49th District.