The outpouring of support from the community continues for the people in East Palestine, Ohio, and one local business has been spearheading an effort to donate water to the struggling town.

Erie Restoration has dozens of pallets stacked with bottled water to be sent, as water is the most needed resource for them right now.

On Monday, Feb. 22, Erie Restoration set up a water drive for East Palestine after the town was shot into the national spotlight after the train derailment.

“The response from the Erie community has just been astronomical, but it’s unbelievable the amount of people who have stepped up and been able to drop water off,” said Gary Oehling, Erie Restoration president.

He said so far, they have gotten about 25 pallets of water and they are in contact with groups in Ohio, so they have the logistics set up and a distribution center to deliver the goods.

“I think a lot of people felt that the same thing could happen here, as you just saw the train go by so a lot of people feel that they want to do something for a smaller community,” Oehling continued.

John Tobin also dropped off several cases of water.

“Ironically, the train wreck and the tracks are kind of close to where we live and it kind of made us think that it’s a good idea to help others whenever you can,” said John Tobin, a Fairview resident.

Mark Henry, his wife and his sister-in-law each brought 10 cases of water as they also wanted to do their part and help.

“As you can see, there are over 100 cases of water here already so a lot of the Erie people have stepped up and helped out in Ohio,” said Mark Henry, an Erie resident.

Oehling plans to load up the trucks within the day, but they plan on delivering the water sometime during the beginning of next week.

They are also getting help from other local companies; Modern Industries and Janitor Supply are both supplying trucks to take the water to Ohio.