The city is hoping to play a role in uplifting neighborhoods along Buffalo Road, it’s a plan inspired by the Eastside Grassroots Coalition.

There’s a five-year plan to improve the neighborhood along Buffalo Road and Erin Carey, the city’s neighborhood planner, is hoping it will impact generations to come.

For several years the Eastside Grassroots Coalition has identified parts of Buffalo Road that need more attention and resources.

And now, the city is supporting this initiative which includes large scale improvements to Rodger Young Park.

“We look at the data in terms of housing and crime and other infrastructure needs that are occurring over there and take all of that into account to come up with priorities,” said Erin Carey, neighborhood planner for the City of Erie. “It helps give the city a work plan to determine how we are going to be spending our staff resources and our budget over the next five years, especially in that neighborhood.”

One city councilwoman said this targeted investment is needed to overcome discriminatory practices of the past.

“I really commend the planning department for all the work. They’ve done to talk to the neighbors and understand what they want and what they need. This neighborhood is just so in need of some redevelopment. Some investments for parks for housing, but especially for youth,” said Susannah Faulkner.

Councilman Michael Keys said he’s optimistic his vision for Roger Young Park will become a reality.

“There’s a convergence and an urgency to revitalize this area. I think it’s time for the city to start looking for partners, people who want to participate in funding,” Councilman Michael Keys said. He also stated he’s optimistic that his vision for Roger Young Park will become a reality.”