Erie County is going green to honor veterans this Veterans Day.

Erie locals can expect the Erie County Courthouse to illuminate green beginning Nov. 6 through Nov. 12 in an initiative called “Operation Green Light.”

Joe Benacci, the director of Erie County Veteran Services, said Operation Green Light is a national intent to make veterans aware of what’s available for them.

He added the purpose is to get governmental businesses, private businesses and even residents to shine a green light. The light represents that veterans are seen and heard.

“Our county represents about 18,000 veterans in Erie County — close to 50,000 veterans in the tri-county area. It’s always been my passion and my honor to serve veterans, and we’re here to help. Hopefully, this green light will let veterans know who we are and where we’re at,” Benacci said.

Benacci went on to say this is the second year for operation green light and he hopes to have the entire downtown area lit green for the entire week in the future.