The Penn State Behrend men’s soccer coach is off the field and on the road with his daughter to raise money for a local organization.

Fontaine Glenn was live in the newsroom with more on their journey from Erie to Washington, D.C.

Coach Dan Perritano, and his daughter Emma who has cerebral palsy, began their journey to Washington, D.C. on Sunday.

Dan and Emma began their walk on Sunday to kick off their 6th long distance walk, covering over 300 miles to D.C.

On Tuesday, their walking journey continued early around 7:30 a.m. near Westover, Pa., and finished just south of Patton, about 19 miles northwest of Altoona.

So far, they have walked 151 miles, and have 168 miles to go before making it to the White House.

In the next half hour, Fontaine will have more on the Erie Homes for Children and Adults MOVE program, and how you can donate.

While this may be something both Dan and Emma enjoy, they are walking for a cause to raise money for the MOVE program for Erie Homes for Children and Adults (EHCA).

A program Emma participants in four days a week.

The Making Opportunities for Volunteerism and Exploration (MOVE) program is an adult program with a community focus while enhancing people’s independence by focusing on their abilities and interests.

You can continue to follow Dan and Emma’s journey to the nation’s capitol by following their Facebook page — Emma and Dan’s Summer 2022 Walk: Erie, PA to Washington D.C.

Click here to support Dan and Emma’s journey by donating to the MOVE program.