As the calendar switches over from September to October, it means fall has officially arrived.

And what better way to get into the swing of the season than to take advantage of everything fall has to offer.

Hundreds of people took to Port Farms this weekend for their first ever Octoberfest, the start of fall being a big reason to celebrate for some.

Octoberfest is a fall tradition like no other. But at Port Farms, they wanted to give the traditional festival a different look.

As a part of their Fall Harvest festivities, this weekend they held an Octoberfest. Taking some ideas from traditional Oktoberfest while making it their own.

“We spend a lot of time decorating with all of the things we’ve grown over the summertime, the corn stalks, the gourds, pumpkins, flowers, straw bales,” said Jade Hanas, cashier & guest services team lead at Port Farms. “Even though the summer ended, we still have all of this fun stuff that we can be doing.”

Lots of people told us they love the fall season, coming even as far away as Florida to see all of the colors and fall foliage.

“I like the fall leaves, the colors, we don’t have that in Florida and just being with family,” said Jessica Dusicsko, attendee from Florida.

Beyond their 20+ list of attractions around the farm, Port Farms held a beer stein holding competition. Each stein weighing three pounds, keeping with German tradition.

And what better way to celebrate Octoberfest than with a live German band.

The Keystone Bavarians play at Octoberfests all throughout the region playing a mix between German songs, polka’s and American songs adding a tribute to men and women who have served in the military.

“We’re trying to just play happy songs and happy music and people seem to enjoy clapping along or maybe even dancing,” said Bill Beggs of Keystone Bavarians.

Bavarian music is an Oktoberfest staple as open-air performances coax the audience into singing along as they enjoy beer from their steins.

Beggs said it’s a time to be celebrating with friends and family because before you know it, the cold weather will be at our doorstep.

“I hope everyone has a happy Octoberfest and a long fall before the winter sets in,” Beggs went on to say.