The decision regarding funds for the Greater Erie Community Action Committee (GECAC) is now under review by Erie County Council in order for the committee to continue its mission.

Councilwoman Mary Rennie said the original request by GECAC was on the order of three quarters of a million dollars.

Rennie said this funding is provided every year by the county and the matching funds for the work that GECAC does for Meals on Wheels, senior centers, and more. But, she said the budget this year removed that.

Rennie said that at this time, it is up to county council to review the entire budget and make a decision regarding the inclusion or removal of GECAC funds from the budget.

“These are services, facilities, programs that impact people’s lives directly. We don’t take that lightly. So when county council votes on it, votes on the issue of GECAC, it will be from a position of being responsive to the needs of citizens but also being responsible knowing that we’re responsible to the taxpayers,” said Mary Rennie, Erie County Council.

Rennie said county council will make a vote on the decision on Nov. 23.