A local fitness center came together to honor the Memphis mom who was killed earlier this month while she was running.

The nationwide initiative came to Erie Wednesday morning as a group of about 20 runners honored the late Memphis mom.

“Finish Eliza’s Run” is an effort to honor Eliza Fletcher, a Memphis mom who was killed earlier this month after she was kidnapped during her early morning run.

Wednesday morning’s memorial run was a little over one mile long, starting at Fit Plus on Asbury Road, going to Tulane Ave., before turning around and heading back to Fit Plus.

The general manager for Fit Plus told us that as a runner herself, finishing Eliza’s Run is something she had to do.

“We chose to start at 4:20 in the morning because that’s when she was kidnapped. So we’re trying to finish the end of her run. She was probably running a lot farther than we were, she was a Boston Marathon athlete, which is very impressive. So we only did probably a small bit of what she intended to finish, but it’s the least that we could do,” said Emily Healy, general manager.

The Fit Plus general manager has some tips for runners to stay safe — never go the same route, bring mace or pepper spray, and always wear bright clothes.