Students at a local high school are raising money for a trip to the International Trade Show by selling sculptures they created in the classroom.

Erie High School students are welding seasonal pieces for fall and winter that people will have the opportunity to purchase in their second annual Yard Sale.

The students are making the sculptures with classroom machinery like a plasma table and auto-body that give them real world experience in welding.

Pieces the students have made are fall and Halloween sculptures with pumpkins, the snowman “Olaf” from the movie Frozen, and more.

“It’s really fun being able to create things that come to our head. They tell us the certain parameters or things that we can’t do or can do, and we get it done,” said Riley Abersold, student, Erie High School.

The Yard Sale will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 21 until 3 p.m., and Friday, Sept. 23, weather permitting, at Erie High School, 3326 Cherry St.