Erie Insurance is paying it forward to environmentally-focused organizations whose missions align with the Erie Insurance Giving Network.

Erie Insurance gave grants to 10 local environmental organizations, and representatives of the organizations said they are putting the funds to good use. Ten environmentally focused organizations in Erie were awarded grants totaling $50,000 to help them continue their efforts in the community.

The funding is part of the Erie Insurance Giving Network’s environmental responsibility area of focus.

“It’s an area that we’re really trying to grow in. We know that it’s so important and so critical at this time,” said Ann Scott, community outreach manager, Erie Insurance.

Recipients of the grants include Headwaters Natural Resource Center, Tamarack Wildlife Center, Erie Bird Observatory and others.

“I think it’s really nice that they have this component of their philanthropy, which is to support environmental organizations because we all live on this one planet, and this is a great way to recognize that,” said Sarah Sargent, executive director, Erie Bird Observatory.

The organizations said they will use the funds to improve their services.

“The oxygen concentrator is in the works to help treat our intensive care patients that would benefit from that and also some exciting tools to enhance our educational outreach,” said Carol Holmgren, executive director, Tamarack Wildlife Center.

“When we bring groups out, whether that be school field trips, we can provide more resources to those groups and give them a better experience when they come to visit the park,” said Tom McClure, chairman, Headwaters Natural Resource Center Trust.

The community outreach manager said she wants to continue supporting these efforts and the groups that spearhead them.

“We certainly want to continue supporting environmental organizations. We’re going to continue to build those partnerships and relationships. As far as future grants, that’s to be determined,” said Ann Scott, community outreach manager, Erie Insurance.

Erie Insurance said the organizations were selected based on their environmental mission, history of service to the region and efficient use of funding and support from Erie Insurance employees.